PROJECT Treetops House

ARCHITECT Tobias Partners

BUILDER Bellevarde Constructions


Celebrating the remarkable achievement of clinching the NSW and National Award for excellence in concrete design for the fifth consecutive time, we proudly present Treetops House. This two-story marvel, showcases the beauty of concrete with off-form walls, a concrete roof, polished floors, and a gravity-defying stair. Innovative techniques in conventionally-reinforced concrete achieved remarkable spans. Precision planning allowed for a 9m clear span, expressed joints, and seamless integration with other materials. The central stair is a visual masterpiece, while careful reinforcement design ensures longevity and minimal maintenance. The building’s thermal mass, combined with hydronic heating in the topping slabs, reduces energy consumption. The construction also prioritised preserving large trees on the site, ensuring they thrive for years to come. Treetops House is more than just a home; it’s a testament to to concrete’s possibilities, craftsmanship, and innovation, harmoniously nestled in the treetops and landscape.

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