Pride Square Beacon

A rainbow centrepiece now marks Pride Square in Newtown, NSW was unveiled by the Prime Minister, Mr Anthony Albanese on Saturday February 11, 2023. The beacon, celebrating diversity, was designed by Trigger and fabricated by AGFABS. Partridge provided the structural design for the artwork, and its aluminium welded frame and concrete footing. Trigger’s self described […]

Exmouth Pyramid

We had the privilege of working on McLeod Street Beach in Exmouth, in collaboration with The Round Table, an innovative company specializing in immersive events. Our team was tasked with calculating the wind forces on the site and using this information to determine the requirements for the timber framing inside a pyramid structure that was […]

Globe Lane Wayfinding Signs and Seats

As the structural engineer for this project, Partridge was responsible for designing and ensuring the safety of the three wayfinding and seating elements that pay homage to Globe Lane’s history. These elements are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, providing seating and directional signage for pedestrians. Partridge considered factors such as wind loads, material selection, […]

Oyster Shells – Middens

Middens along the coast are places where Aboriginal people gathered to eat and would leave the remains of shellfish. Synonymous with Aboriginal people, they are considered culturally significant proof of the people’s use of the land as a meeting place. Council commissioned these works for the Aboriginal Art & Storytelling Project which acknowledges and shares […]

Martin Place Christmas Tree

Partridge have been involved in the design and certification of the Christmas tree at Martin Place since 2017. Having evolved through the years, the current tree towers 25 mteres above revelers on the ground as the centerpiece for the Christmas celebrations – the equivalent of almost 8 storeys! Partridge tackled the many structural challenges associated […]

Waterloo Planter Baskets

Partridge designed the supporting cables and anchor fixings to these vibrant hanging planter boxes. These planters are a signature statement that bring the atrium space of this corporate building to life.

Angles of Incidence

Panels of coloured safety glass intersect to create a geometric and irregular shape. Partridge Event were involved in the preliminary stages of the concept design and assisted in development and design of the internal stainless-steel structural skeleton, glazing frame connection details and stability of the sculpture through to successful completion.


Partridge worked on the structural design of a permanent public artwork called ‘Connect(us)’ in Perth. Designed to reflect pedestrian movement through space the form is a fluid plastic ribbon suspended over the walkway. The sculpture is 50m long, suspended by a complex catenary cable system 10m above ground, carefully inserted between two new high-rise buildings […]


Chiaroscuro is a 60 kg suspended artwork located in a busy thoroughfare at the junction of Norton Street and Paramatta Road, creating a unique gateway to the area. With each light cell of varying size and colour, the artwork was designed to symbolise interconnectedness and reflect on the meaning of “chain migration”. Partridge ensured a […]

The Spirit of Anzac Centenary

The Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience was created the for Centenary of Canberra Unit with a commemoration that presented the stories of Australia’s military during the First World War. Our team were pleased to be involved in the inspection and certification of installations and recreated environments.

Art & About

Every year, local and international artists bring their ideas, creativity and individuality to the city of Sydney with the purpose of encouraging an environment of imagination and a space for delight for the public. These creative ideas include major installations, cosy collaborations, and inspiring exhibitions. Partridge has certified sculptures and activations for Art & About […]