The Sydney Mint

Client: Museums of HistoryLocation: Sydney NSW Partridge has been integral to the ongoing conservation efforts for the Sydney Mint verandah, a significant piece of Sydney’s colonial history. Constructed between 1811 and 1816, the building served various purposes, including being part of the Rum Hospital and later as the Sydney Branch of the Royal Mint. As […]

Celebrating 40 Years of Engineering

Partridge is celebrating 40 years! We are proud of our achievements thus far, made possible by our people, our clients, our friends, and our partners. Our values guide what we do and are reflected in our projects across structures, events and art, remediation, civil and stormwater, and in our extended family of 65 employees. Partridge […]

ACSE Winner – Designer Store Floating Stairs

Partridge proudly takes home the 2021 Award for Excellence in Structural Engineering in the Unusual Building Projects Category! The sculptural floating stair is a wonderful example of excellence in steel design, engineering, and construction while dealing with the constraints of an existing (strata-titled) building and the many demands of a live fit-out project. The main […]

Inside Strata

REMEDIAL WORKS Partridge Managing Director, Peter Standen sat down with Inside Strata to discuss the necessary steps strata owners and managers should take to reduce water damage when identified and the importance of selecting a qualified, experienced remedial company to carry out any rectification building works: Q1. According to industry reports, waterproofing defects are one […]

Building Defects in Strata Property

BUILDING DEFECTS IN A STRATA PROPERTY The residential multi-storey apartment buildings defects are in the spotlight with structural defects to Opal Tower and Mascot Tower requiring evacuation, the ‘Sugarcube’, Zetland with the Council not allowing occupation, which were on top of the tragic fire at the Grenfell Tower in London in 2017 and the fire […]

Concrete cancer – what is it and what does it mean?

Concrete cancer is a term you’ll often hear in the building industry.  And, just as cancer is something you don’t want to discover in yourself, neither do you want to find it in your concrete.  So what is it, and what does it mean? Just like cancer in humans, cancer in concrete starts out as […]