PROJECT Lunar New Year

DESIGNER | ARTIST Basalt Studios


Partridge collaborated with Basalt Studio, Regiment Workshop, and Haymarket HQ to bring Haymarket’s “Neon Playground” installation to life, celebrating the 2024 Lunar New Year. Our focus was on the structural integrity and certification of the project’s centrepiece – a majestic, almost six-metre-tall dragon sculpture crafted from locally sourced marine plywood. Transforming Basalt Studio’s initial wooden dragon marquette into a monumental sculpture required careful consideration of material properties and wind loading. The routed plywood was supported by custom three-dimensional steel and aluminium sub-frames fixed off trusses. Our team meticulously calculated and certified the structure to ensure it could withstand the elements and safely delight festivalgoers. Partridge also certified the surrounding truss structures adorned with cloud motifs, lanterns, and festoon lighting.

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