ARCHITECT Madeleine Blanchfield Architects

LOCATION Paddington, NSW

The sustainable and economically viable LNCH Minihouse is a two-story standalone structure spanning 38 sqm. Engineered recycled timber was chosen as the primary material, offering both environmental benefits and cost-effectiveness. The structural core comprises 105 mm CLT panels, strategically elevated on exposed 500mm concrete walls to prevent moisture issues. To harmonize with the neighboring building, the roof takes on a 3-dimensional folded design, cleverly adapting to the shadow impact. Protection for the CLT is provided by Colorbond corrugated steel and polycarbonate panels, which feature perforations on the North facade. This facade serves as a circulation space, climate buffer, and vertical veranda, ensuring solar protection and promoting air ventilation. With the help of our team, this innovative Minihouse stands as a testament to sustainable design.

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