PROJECT Bronte House

ARCHITECT Tribe Studios

BUILDER Robert Plum Build

Facing challenging coastal slopes and loose sand, Bronte House, designed by Tribe Studio and built by Robert Plumb Build, features innovative structural solutions. Hand-augured piles (250mm diameter) allowed excavation for the pool and lower levels within limited space. Exposed raw concrete slabs serve as both floors and ceilings. A unique feature is the “hanging” concrete garage roof spanning over the pool. Light-coloured brickwork serves both structural and aesthetic purposes, forming load-bearing walls and intricate screens. The teardrop-shaped brick core supporting the spiral staircase demonstrates further structural innovation. Sustainable features include a west-facing brick bank for thermal regulation, strategically placed windows for natural ventilation, and operable skylights for light and airflow control. These elements, combined with insulated materials, create a beautiful and environmentally responsible home.

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