PROJECT Blue Mountains House

ARCHITECT Anthony Gill Architects


This house is positioned on the western edge of the valley where the view is of epic proportions. The substantial renovation of an existing Pettit and Sevitt kit home built in the 70’s, was altered to accommodate three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a small study and separate tv room. The main living room and kitchen were both extended to connect with the existing deck and the view beyond. This work was extensive including the improvement of bush fire resistance involving building in the underside of the deck and replacing the roof, while all new or modified openings had new steel flame zone windows and doors installed. The original bricks, salvaged from the demolition of the garage, allowed modifications to be disguised. While staying true to the existing structural solution the interior was re-planned and totally refurbished. The interior materiality matches the exterior – blockwork walls with concrete floor and ceiling, galvanized steel windows that almost disappear and joinery in spotted gum, the same at the existing house. The new building satisfies the flame zone classification for the area.

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