PROJECT Wentworth Mausoleum

ARCHITECT Nicola Ashurst, Adriel Consultancy

LOCATION Leichhardt, NSW

Sydney Living Museums has undertaken the first comprehensive conservation works to the heavily deteriorated palisade fence surrounding the 1870s resting place of William Charles Wentworth. The fence was removed and stored in three-meter sections and numbered (to ensure reinstallation in the correct location after conservation works are completed) and taken to the metal workshop where they were treated and repaired. The fence design is quite intricate with a number of geometrical details that have rusted and decayed throughout the years. Only the elements that were beyond repair were to be replaced, an arduous task requiring much care and consideration. The removal of the fence also allowed for the closer inspection to the stonework below, which showed the extent of deterioration caused by the rusted fence posts and tree roots. All three courses of stonework were removed from site and taken to the stonemason’s workshop to be either be repaired, or in the case of heavily cracked copping stones, replaced – about eighty items in total. Partridge have installed screw pile footings for the new front wall to avoid harming the root system of existing trees on the site – an important part of the site’s heritage. In consideration of both the environment and practical aspects of construction, Partridge also improved the site’s drainage to prevent issues with water pooling or flooding in the future..

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