PROJECT Dennis House

ARCHITECT Olaver Architecture


This Northcote house is a beautiful reflection of environmental sustainability. Using cross laminated timber (CLT) as the main floor, wall and roof elements, this house has set the standard in significantly reducing its carbon footprint compared to its neighbours thanks to all of the carbon that is sequestered  away in the timber. The lightweight nature of CLT and off-site fabrication meant the house could be rapidly assembled with just a small site team. Added to that, with the concealed CLT connections ,the CLT panels could be exposed as a feature, showcasing a clean and simple structural  form whilst giving the home a ‘natural’ feel. With a CLT structure and the use of recycled bricks, the house provides a unique quality of living! Partridge were engaged to carry out the structural analysis on the building and to design and certify the structural safety and performance of the building. We ensured the CLT was used efficiently by even pushing one of the upper storey CLT walls to act as both a wall and a deep beam in order to create a large open space on ground level without the need for conventional steel support structure. Partridge was also engaged to provide civil design and documentation including the inground stormwater drainage requirements.

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