Partridge was involved in the construction of this 8-story residential tower on Edgecliff Road. The building has a conventional reinforced concrete (RC) structure with Ritek load-bearing walls. One of the unique challenges faced by the project was the presence of a train line running below the site. The project team worked with vibration isolation specialist […]

Beverly Rooftop

Perched atop the Goldfields House in South Yarra, Beverly Rooftop boasts breathtaking 270-degree views of Melbourne. Partridge, commissioned by Tilt Industrial Design, crafted a conceptual design for a roof truss that would seamlessly integrate with the rooftop bar and dining space. The truss not only spans the space but also incorporates glass panels to create […]

Ravine House

Working in close collaboration with architect Rolf Ockert, Partridge carried out the structural design for a complex, primarily concrete house in South Coogee, situated above a ravine over the ocean. The lower ground slab was designed to be suspended approximately 6m across the ravine, and relies on some support from an existing masonry sea wall. […]

Treetops House

Celebrating the remarkable achievement of clinching the NSW and National Award for excellence in concrete design for the fifth consecutive time, we proudly present Treetops House. This two-story marvel, showcases the beauty of concrete with off-form walls, a concrete roof, polished floors, and a gravity-defying stair. Innovative techniques in conventionally-reinforced concrete achieved remarkable spans. Precision […]

Oyster Shells – Middens

Middens along the coast are places where Aboriginal people gathered to eat and would leave the remains of shellfish. Synonymous with Aboriginal people, they are considered culturally significant proof of the people’s use of the land as a meeting place. Council commissioned these works for the Aboriginal Art & Storytelling Project which acknowledges and shares […]