May 14, 2024

Builder: Fytogreen
Location: Various

Over recent years, Partridge has partnered with Fytogreen, a leader in sustainable vertical gardens, on various projects to advance sustainable urban design. Our collaboration has involved providing structural advice and certification for many of Fytogreen’s green infrastructure and seamless incorporation into the built environment.

Dual purpose planter boxes, where the structural design of bespoke aluminium planter boxes meet  load requirements for use as balustrades and maximise functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Additionally, we’ve contributed insights into framing supports for Fytogreen’s green wall systems and developed brackets for the illusion of planter boxes ‘floating’ off the façade of buildings. Our focus remains on ensuring proposed systems can withstand heavy loads, earthquake forces, and wind loads, while selecting durable materials.

In Dingley Village, Victoria, our joint project aims to enhance the urban environment with green infrastructure as part of a vibrant new neighbourhood. Green walls, rooftop gardens, and streetscape planters contribute to air quality, visual enhancement, and sustainability in urban development. Our structural analysis and design expertise ensure the safe installation of these elements, with mitigation strategies for extreme weather events.


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