Cascade Terrace

May 14, 2024

Architect: Sam Crawford
Builder: Invue Homes
Location: Paddington NSW

Cascade Terrace stands as a testament to the seamless integration of historical and modern architectural elements.

Central to the project was the strategic reworking of the rear section to unify the original Victorian terrace with its 1980s extension. Significant structural alterations were made to the existing terrace, enhancing spatial flow into the rear extension. The 1980s extension underwent substantial changes, with the installation of large sliding glass windows beneath a steel awning and operable timber louvres on the upper level’s rear façade to improve ventilation and light control.

The sculptural staircase emerges as a standout feature, constructed from white painted steel, timber, and glass. Serving as both a vertical conduit and a visual centrepiece, it enhances light distribution within the residence while providing vertical access across three floors.

The architect’s attention to light and space extends throughout the property, with deliberate placement of openings to maximise natural light and views. Double cantilever lintels facilitate a corner opening window with a view of the pool that revitalised the connection between the lower level living area and the garden, optimising previously underutilised space.

Privacy and light management were key considerations in the design. Pivoting timber shutters in the main bedroom offer residents the flexibility to enjoy panoramic views while maintaining privacy and controlling sunlight ingress.

This project is an example of the successful collaboration between our engineers and the design team, ensuring the structural integrity of the design, bespoke architectural features and clever structural solutions to allow the home to be flooded with light, all while delivering a luxurious living experience.

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