Tamarama Apartments III

Originally comprising six residential units, the project involved extensive renovations and additions. The front section of the building, consisting of three units, underwent propping and removal of the external brick skin. Meanwhile, a new structure was being constructed at the rear, boasting ocean views. Partridge was entrusted with the design and management of both the […]

Chippendale Apartments III

Partridge was appointed by the Owners’ Corporation to act as the Superintendent and Project Managers for a remedial project in Chippendale, NSW. The project involved converting a heritage building, originally a warehouse from the 1890s, into residential units. One of the critical aspects addressed by our team was the stabilisation of the building’s foundation. We […]

Illawarra Catholic Club

Partridge Remedial was enlisted to identify the root cause of water ingress affecting the external facade of the Illawarra Catholic Club located in Hurstville. The combination of glazing suites and sandstone facing presented a diverse set of challenges that required resolution. Our team’s comprehensive approach and expert analysis allowed us to pinpoint the underlying factors […]