Partridge Onsite Visit

March 26, 2024

Our Operations and Administration team are curious and creative thinkers like our engineers and are always interested in seeing first-hand what goes into our projects. Thanks to the collaborative spirit of Beebo Constructions and our client, we recently had the opportunity to bring some of our office staff to a site visit.

This particular project involved alterations and additions to a house we originally designed six years ago. The new owner, who purchased the property in late 2021, sought to expand upon the existing structure, demonstrating the enduring value of our initial design. Architects MHNDU provided designs for a new roof, pergola, garage and an additional two-storey structure in place of the existing pool.

The visit provided a valuable learning experience, allowing them to witness the construction process in action, while gaining a deeper understanding of how our engineering design translates into reality, from foundation to finishing touches.

We’re grateful to Beebo Constructions for making this visit possible. It’s experiences like these that offer our non-engineering staff a unique opportunity to connect with the tangible impact of Partridge’s work.

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