Wentworth Mausoleum

April 17, 2024

Client: Sydney Living Museums
Location: Vaucluse NSW

The Wentworth Mausoleum has taken a significant step towards restoration with the successful refurbishment of its perimeter fence. Led by Sydney Living Museums (SLM) in collaboration with Partridge as structural and hydraulic engineering consultants, with contributions from SLM staff and skilled contractors, the project aimed at preserving the fence’s original integrity.

The restoration efforts focused on carefully maintaining the intricate cast iron design, which had suffered from rust and decay over time. This involved a meticulous process of cleaning, repairing, and, where necessary, replacing select elements of the fence. The dismantling of the fence allowed for the identification of degraded stonework, which underwent necessary repairs and replacements in a stonemason’s workshop.

Our team played a crucial role in the restoration process by designing and overseeing the installation of new screw pile footings for the front wall, ensuring its structural stability while protecting the heritage listed trees on the site. Additionally, drainage improvements were incorporated to mitigate the risk of potential water damage in the future.

With the completion of the fence restoration, the Wentworth Mausoleum stands once again, displaying its historical significance in a renewed state.

The restoration team: staff from Partridge Structural, Partridge Hydraulic Services, and Museums of History NSW.

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