Vivid Sydney

February 28, 2022

Vivid is the annual festival of light, music, and ideas held in Sydney, awarded for bringing together light, artists, musicians, and brilliant minds, to share their creativity and transform the city.

Vivid 2022 is now just over 2 months away! After a two-year break, artists and designers are working on their latest and greatest installations showcasing art and lighting installations that are set to grace the streets and harbourside of Sydney. For events like this, structural engineers are responsible for ensuring the structural integrity and safety for a wide a range of installations including outdoor immersive light installations, projections, performances, interactive works and more. Partridge is involved annually in the installation and certification for many of the structures for both Vivid Sydney and Vivid Chatswood.

Our passion for art and creativity, with years of experience provide security and enjoyment for the public and the organisers. Here is a look back at some of the past works that Partridge has helped with from prior to and including 2019.

Our fantastic team of structural engineers think outside the box by designing and delivering a range of exceptional projects, from innovative public art installations to temporary pop up bars and stalls, marquees, inflatables and brand activations. Our engineers are registered to provide structural certification not only across our Sydney and Melbourne branches but nationally and internationally.  Get in touch with us if we can assist you with your next temporary structure!

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