Trust me, I’m an engineer! (Formal Refuel CPD 1 point)

This presentation is a series of exciting case studies and slides on innovative design successes. How engineers and architects can collaborate to achieve outstanding and creative results.

The case studies will also include examples of rectification and remediation works on building defects, cracking, and deterioration.

For example, how to overcome problems and/or avoid them. How to address the architect’s frustration as their designs and visions are compromised by structural limitations, builders’ approaches, inflexible consultants, and site complexities.

The case study includes the Partridge project and the 2020 National Architecture Award for Residential Architecture:

Learning Outcomes:

  • An appreciation for construction methodologies, material limitations and behaviour.
  • An awareness of building deterioration and hidden potential problems.  
  • Where does the engineer’s role start and stop?

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