Ewelina Sowada

Associate, Hydraulics

MSc Eng Dip Eng MIEAust (Env/Civil)

Boasting a remarkable tenure of over 15 years, Ewelina stands as an accomplished professional in the realm of civil and stormwater design and construction, having lent her expertise to an array of commercial, industrial, and residential ventures. Her invaluable contributions have spanned across borders, as she has diligently served in Australia, Ireland, and the UK, amplifying her prowess on a global scale. Throughout her illustrious career, Ewelina has been fortunate to be exposed to a plethora of distinct engineering techniques and methodologies, which she adeptly incorporates into each new undertaking. This rich tapestry of experiences allows Ewelina to provide consultancy services that exude both practicality and commercial acumen, working in close collaboration with architects to translate their visionary concepts into tangible realities.