May 23, 2024

Designer: Tilt Industrial Design
Landscape Architect: Gallagher Studio
Location: Rosebery NSW

Partridge is proud to have been part of the team transforming the historic Sweetacres factory into a lively new playground and green space for Rosebery. Our structural engineering expertise helped bring the vision of landscape architect Gallagher Studio and designers Tilt Industrial Design and Regal Innovations to life. Regal Design collaborated with Tilt, who provided design services and managed the fabrication and installation for the play equipment, while Partridge ensured the structural integrity of the playground design, considering factors like user loads, stability, and material suitability.

The park, named Allsorts Park and Honeykiss Park after popular Sweetacres confectionery, honours the site’s rich history as the former home of the confectionery giant James Stedman Henderson Ltd, founded in 1850. The factory, operational until the 1960s, produced beloved treats like Jaffas and Fantales.

This accessible park offers a variety of amenities for the community, including open play areas, landscaped gardens, picnic zones, nature play elements, and even dog-friendly sections. Honeykiss Park provides a green connection with shaded areas, native plants, and seating.

Our structural design ensures the park meets all safety regulations and building codes, guaranteeing a fun and functional space for everyone. The unique nature-inspired playground, featuring a “gum nest” and interconnected structures, is a major attraction.

The completion of Sweetacres is an example of successful collaboration between engineers, designers, and manufacturers.


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