Shelly Beach Amenities

May 14, 2024

Architect: Adriano Pupilli Architects
Builder: Rogers Construction
Location: Manly NSW

The iconic Shelly Beach in Manly boasts a stunning new amenity building, an example of thoughtful design by Adriano Pupilli Architects and clever structural engineering by the Partridge team. The site is located at the end of the Northern Beaches coastal walk and within Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve.

Partridge’s team worked with the geotechnical engineer and water services coordinator to design the new foundations to suit the site conditions. The underlying soil conditions, consisting of fill overlying weathered sandstone, were factored into the design of a stiffened raft slab foundation over bucket piers founded in a medium dense sand layer. The project’s location demanded careful consideration of existing Sydney Water assets and guidelines to ensure a safe working environment and the protection of public infrastructure.

The architect’s vision, supported by our team’s structural input, resulted in a building that caters to a diverse user base. The new amenities boast dedicated male and female facilities, change rooms, accessible washrooms, and family spaces, all within a structurally optimised framework.

The timber roof structure may appear simple but has been carefully designed and detailed to ensure the structure was sympathetic with the architectural intent, down to every bolt and screw! The roof structure floats slightly above the structural block walls, only tied down to the block walls with discrete stainless steel rods every few metres. Several hanging timber stub posts accommodate the cantilever screens at the front of the buildings. The glulam roof itself is fully braced with beams connected via concealed stainless steel connection plates.

The inclusion of built-in bench seating and outdoor amenities reflects the social spirit of Shelly Beach. Partridge detailed the reinforcement of the paving slabs and off-form concrete benches which doubled as retention structures ensuring these features incorporated with the building’s overall design, creating a welcoming and functional space for the community.

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