Ghost Building Reborn

December 5, 2023

Project Name: Coronation Street
Architect Firm: Brewer Architects
Landscape Architect: Environmental Partnership

Location: Hornsby NSW

In the heart of Hornsby, a new landmark stands as a testament to the power of history and the spirit of community. The Judge’s Bakery Ghost Building and Plaza, a 1:1 scale replica of the original bakery that once graced this corner site, is a poignant reminder of the past while simultaneously shaping a vibrant future for the neighbourhood.

The artwork on the structure’s face is by Fintan Magee, and is a contemporary rethinking of an old black and white photo inspired by an old Daily Telegraph clipping of a story about the “new workforce” of women truck drivers. It explores how history becomes blurred over time but is always visible when we look, and celebrates women in the workforce post WW2.

Our team worked closely with the Hornsby Council, Environmental Partnership and Brewer Architects, whose concept for the new structure mimicked the original bakery building’s skeletal framing, including the iconic front awning with tie rods. The structural frame was designed predominantly for wind loads and some maintenance live loads only, reflecting its non-habitable nature.

The images below illustrate the site before and after construction.

The site presented several challenges, including tree roots and critical services directly below columns. Undeterred, our team employed clever footing designs to carefully avoid these obstacles, ensuring the stability of the structure without disrupting the natural environment or essential infrastructure.

Our team also designed the supports for the car park’s catenary lighting system (photograph below) including the cables that hold the lights, double-storey height poles, and tensile mesh for plants to grow. This intricate network of light and greenery creates a welcoming ambiance, transforming the plaza into a hub for community gatherings and events.

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