Cloud Vortex

July 10, 2024

Artist: Jonathan Ben-Tovim
Fabricator: B-TD
Location: Melbourne VIC

The Partridge team was instrumental in realising a distinctive art installation at 555 Collins Street. We worked closely with Art Pharmacy, artist Jonathan Ben-Tovim, and the installation team to ensure safe fixture of a series of suspended objects made from re-purposed sections of car panels salvaged from car wreckers. The most dynamic sections of the panel were cut away and sandblasted back to their raw metal state, and then re-coated in high gloss automotive paint.

While the cloud elements looked lightweight, being made of metal meant that safe suspension of each was paramount. Our team handled the design and certification of these cloud elements, cable suspension system, and ceiling support framing for the artwork, which was situated above a staircase in the entry lobby.

Each cloud element was suspended with a system of three inclined cables. To ensure safety, a load test confirmed that the connection between the cables and the cloud elements could bear the weight. The ceiling support framing, secured to an existing Bondek slab by another contractor, enabled the incorporation of building services within the ceiling and allowed flexibility for on-site cable positioning.

The design was developed by the Sydney office, while the Melbourne team handled vital site inspections to ensure the installation adhered to the approved design.

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