Art in Engineering

March 26, 2024

With over two decades of experience, Professor Jamie Goggins is a standout figure in Ireland’s construction innovation scene. As Director of Construct Innovate and a Principal Investigator at MaREI Centre, he leads ground-breaking research with a team of over 300 researchers spanning various fields.

Inspired by the success of the “Art in Engineering” course at the University of Sydney, Eamonn Madden, former Managing Director of Partridge, approached the University of Galway (his Alma Mater) and Professor Goggins to bring a similar  ‘Art in Engineering’  course and prize to Galway in 2018. The course integrates art studios and the expertise of both artists and researchers to support students from various engineering disciplines in pursuing creative thinking in forms of expression like photography, painting, and writing.

At the University of Galway, Professor Goggins holds the esteemed 7th Professorship of Civil Engineering and is a driving force behind research and innovation within the School of Engineering. His leadership extends to spearheading sustainability efforts and leading numerous collaborative projects with industry partners. He’s also actively involved in professional bodies like Engineers Ireland.

A highlight of the course is the “Creative Response” assignment, a unique three-hour challenge where 200 first-year students each produce original artwork. Professor Goggins and the studio team are impressed by the students’ creativity, underlining the value of fostering self-expression both inside and outside the classroom.

“Art in Engineering” was facilitated by Partridge for over 15 years at the University of Sydney, and is now in its sixth consecutive year at the University of Galway.

Catherine Jose – Trathnona – “After an evening at home with family and friends , nothing completes it more than a swim at black rock . The bustle of people from Galway rushing home to have dinner with family reminds me of daily life . Nothing beats a home cooked meal by mammy and a movie with friends and to end the day, a swim at black rock. It reminds me of summer when relaxation is necessary and a busy lifestyle is optional.”

David Ruane – Light Beyond the Bars – “My painting shows an isolated prison cell in complete darkness with the only light to be seen beyond the bars. This really shows despite how close to the light you are, you can still feel trapped.”

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