Cottesloe 2020

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Partridge Event takes a collaborative approach with clients, designers, artists and engineers alike to achieve innovative and creative results. And, for over 11 years now, Partridge Event has been pleased to help sponsor and work closely with, Sculpture by the Sea in both Bondi, and Cottesloe, having a passion for art and sculptures. 

Partridge sponsors a number of emerging artists each year as well as providing other exhibiting artists with engineering advice and certification, following review and analysis using our design criteria below. This includes assistance on aspects such as wind loads, structural integrity, overall stability and excessive deflection such as swaying. Footing options to prevent overturning of the sculptures are designed or reviewed, including providing any recommendations to mitigate potential failures, or any unsafe public interaction. 

This year in Cottesloe, Perth, we are excited to be working on a number of unusual and creative pieces.

‘Homer Homer’ is a creation by Australian born artist Danger Dave, founder of “Cool Shit” based in London who are known for their creations in inflatable sculptures.

Partridge undertook the risk and wind management plan to minimise the ballast and hold down the requirement for this inflatable artwork.


‘Shell Resonance’

Australian born artist and architecture/civil engineering graduate, Lawrence Liang, was one of the artists sponsored by Partridge this year in our support of Sculpture by the Sea Emerging Artist Program.

The sculpture for this year’s exhibition in Cottesloe, Shell Resonance, comprises two visual parts being a conch shell held by a hand. These two components are made of two separate fiberglass bodies which are bolted together and attached to a steel base plate for transportation as a whole. There’s a popular folk myth that says if you hold a shell to your ear – specifically, a conch shell – you can hear the sounds of the ocean. In ‘Shell Resonance’, this folk myth is brought to life with the illustrious presentation of brightly coloured conch shells lying in the palms of larger-than-life human arms. However, the ocean is not as once was. Now filled with plastic, ‘Shell Resonance’ subverts the audience’s expectations and asks that they reflect on the state of the seas. To some, what appears as the presentation of a gift–the shells–is actually a last-ditch effort to others. Sinking below the sands, the arms reach upwards one last time in an effort to make us really consider how we’re impacting the world around us.


‘Hemispheric’ is a follow up to ‘The Big Wave’ at Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe 2019 by artist and architect, Shaumyika Sharma, Indian born and Australia raised and director of Studio Shaumyika Sharma. Hemispheric is all about that moment just before the sun dips below the horizon with four pieces of reinforced concrete in natural white, natural grey and white, natural grey, and pigmented black. Each piece weighs approximately 1000kg.

‘Abacus, Edition 1,2,3’ by Rhiannon West, Australian Artist and lighting designer who has exhibited her works at Sculpture by the Sea Bondi and Cottesloe over a number of years. Known for her beautiful piece ‘Flight’ at Sculpture by the Sea 2018 and her work with dichroic glass and light.

Assembled dichroic lenses fixed to a solid concrete base.

We are excited about this year’s 16th annual Cottesloe exhibition, don’t miss out …6-23 March 2020!